Go to www.Liang4CupertinoCouncil.com to visit my campaign website for Cupertino City Council.

There you’ll be able to read my Campaign Statement and to find out why I’m running.


My priorities as a CUSD school board member:


Students First

I will work hard to ensure that teachers and classrooms have the necessary resources to give our children a first class educational experience, one that immerses them in a 21st century education of critical thinking, collaborative learning, creativity and the ability to communicate effectively.

Accountable Leadership

I will be a leader who holds myself and district management accountable to a long term plan that has clear goals and objectives, measurable and meaningful outcomes, and provides structure and direction for our district staff and community. I will be an accountable and transparent leader that involves the community in planning and decision making that impacts the future of our children and the neighborhoods in which we live.

Collaborative Partnerships

I will work with other community leaders to build partnerships that contribute to the health of the Cupertino Union School District as well as the health of the cities we serve. Collaborating with members of our community, I will work to solve problems that impact our teachers and our families, improving the quality of life for all Cupertino Union School District stakeholders.


The Cupertino Education Association, with over 800 dedicated teachers, is proud to overwhelmingly support Gregory and Liang for the Cupertino Union School Board. Last year’s teacher survey showed our teachers’ low confidence in our school board. We are ready for new and effective leaders! IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE!

– Kai Brown, CUSD teacher & President of the Cupertino Education Association