CUSD Board Meeting – Tuesday Feb 28, 2017 6 PM

Dear CUSD Community,

A CUSD Board Meeting will be held this Tuesday, February 28th at 6pm. I encourage you to come and voice your opinions and concerns to the Board, both on agenda items, and items that are not covered by the agenda during public comments.

~ Liang Chao

CUSD Board Meeting
Date:        Tuesday, February 28th, 2017
Time:        6:00 pm – If you plan to speak, complete a speaker card BEFORE 6pm.
Location:  CUSD Board Room
1309 S. Mary Avenue, Suite 150, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Link to Feb. 28 CUSD Board Agenda Packet:

Highlight of items of interest scheduled for consent and discussion:

Agenda Item 4. Recognition of Cupertino Educational Endowment Foundation (CEEF) Award Recipients
Receiving the Sandy Liu Community Service Leadership Award is Lorien Cunningham of Montclaire Elementary School. See page 3 of the Agenda Packet for a full list of teachers receiving the 2016-2017 Innovative Technology Educator Awards and the Patricia A. Lamson Literacy Award. Check out the 2015-2016 winners here.
Agenda Item 8.1 to 8.3 (Action). Resolutions to reduce the number of employees in classified management staff ($1M), the number of classified staff ($0.5M) and the number of certificated employees ($1.2M) that totals $2.7 million dollars. See pages 4-12 of the Agenda Packet for details.
Agenda Item 8.4 (Action): Proposed Board Office Hours: 1st Wednesday 8-9 am and 3rd Wednesday 9-10 am at rotating middle schools. See page 13 of the Agenda Packet for details.

Agenda Item 9.1 (Information/Discussion): Revise BP 3100 and BP 5116.1. Add new policy BP 6142.1. See pages 15-26 of the Agenda Packet for details.
Revise Board Policy BP 3100 to remove the section on Budget Advisory Committee.
Revise Board Policy BP 5116.1 to allow enrollment of “Children of CUSD employees (provided the parent is employed up to 30 hours per week).”
Add new Board Policy BP 6142.1 about “Sexual Health and HIV/Aids Prevention Instruction” and “Parent/Guardian Consent”.

Agenda Item 9.2 (Information/Discussion): 2016-2017 Budget Update. See pages 27-58 of the Agenda Packet for details.

Agenda Item 9.3 (Information/Discussion): Update on English Learner Master Plan. See pages 59-74 of the Agenda Packet for details.

Agenda Item 9.4 (Information/Discussion): Website. The new district website will be launched on March 1, 2017. By July 31, 2017, all schools will transfer from Edline to Web Community Manager. (Note that Edline is no longer supported.)

Upcoming Events:

For anyone who wants to speak either on non-agenda or agenda items, you should submit your speaker cards before 6pm when the meeting is called to order. Otherwise, your speaker cards might not be accepted. This has been the protocol for CUSD Board Meetings.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this message are my own and do not necessarily represent those of the CUSD Board of Education. Event announcements are not necessarily endorsed by CUSD or the Board of Education.


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